It's been a really busy few months for Nesser, and apparently we've been too busy to update too! We finished mixing and recording all the tracks, and the soundcloud page should be updated soon with the full set!

At the beginning of August, Nesser got a call from the IMO with news that his refugee case had finally come through, and two weeks later he was flown off to the USA! It was hard for all of us over here in Syria (and there were a lot of tears), but we are happy for Nesser and know he's going to make the very best of the opportunity.

Now Nesser is settling into his new life in America, writing some new songs, and getting ready to drive all the American girls crazy with his beautiful melodies. :)


We've got most of the tracks recorded for the new album, and the new website is up and running!
We're taking a little break from shows for now, to focus on finishing up the album and organizing a tour. Updates to come.. :)


We are back in the studio today finishing up the first three songs we started recording last week!
We've got 3 down and 7 more to go, & insha'allah Nesser's debut album will be ready for summertime :)


Nesser is playing live tonight at Othman Bek! The show starts around 7 and cover is 150 pounds :)


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