Nesser (born Nesser Adli) is an Iraqi born singer/songwriter living in Syria, focusing his life on the power of honest music and it's ability to make real changes. Working in a very raw rock/country sort of style, he delivers the beauty of a simple melody paired with moving and often deeply personal lyrics.

Nesser's life story is a clear example of how hard times breed inspiration. Born on September 1st, 1985 in Baghdad as the last in a series of sons, he was already set to spend his first few years growing up in a country engulfed in war. At the age of four, shortly after the Iraq-Iran war ended, Nesser lost his mother to cancer. His father soon remarried, and had two daugthers.

Before Nesser had even started school, Iraq invaded Kuwait and engaged itself in another war which prompted US-led international intervention. Aged seven, just after his second experience with war, Nesser's father was killed in a car crash. He lived for a short while with his stepmother, before inheritence issues led the family to court and he was left with his Aunt.

Nesser's early musical influences were fairly typical - a lot of pop music, such as Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, and Sandra. As a teenager in Iraq - even before learning guitar - Nesser began writing songs. Despite the war, he remained in Iraq to finish college then left for Syria with his aunt.

Not long after moving to Syria is when Nesser began learning how to play the guitar. Inspired by a friend's playing and the idea of a musical outlet, he decided to invest the fifty dollars his uncle had given him, bought a cheap guitar, and taught himself how to play.

After 6 months with his new guitar he started to play songs for his friends. Like any new musician, his beginnings were with mostly cover songs such as Massari and Metallica. Over time, he started to write his own songs, and even added the guitar component to old songs he'd written before knowing how to play.

Nesser went on to become involved in different musical projects, including several metal bands and an Arabic group. He continued to write a lot of music throughout his experiences with different bands, and still uses some of his old material today. He is now performing as a solo musician with a sound reminiscent of his rock and metal roots, singing mostly in English (which he finds easier to write in than Arabic).

His musical taste having changed over time, he now finds himself inspired by a mix of country and metal favourites, like Eric Paisly, Bullet for my Valentine, Staind, Metallica, Jake Owen, and Nirvana. Having not returned to Iraq after relocating to Syria, Nesser spends most of his time focused on music and it's power to promote change in the world.

A flawless guitar player and incredibly talented lyricist, Nesser easily commands attention through his simple and honest music. He continues to write songs heavily influenced by his past and present experiences, and does so with genuine spirit. With his debut album set to be released in the near future, Nesser is poised to continue to grow as a musician and hopefully one day propel the change he so desperately wants to invoke through his music.


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